March 7, 2016

Peta Barry –
Client Liaison Manager

p: 0417 229 022

Peta is the thread that holds together the people within Mcorp. Whilst often intangible, Peta’s role as Personal Assistant to Mark McAuliffe and collaborator and provider of information within the organisation is invaluable. Peta also deals directly in operational roles through the management and development of our team and ensures a harmonious balance is achieved between the professional needs of the business and the personal needs of the real people that make the organisation a success.

Peta has a vast range of experiences in marketing, advertising and client management, and through the teachings of Versace (whom she worked for) and her professional qualifications ensures that both the public face of Mcorp is presented in a professional and engaging manner and that the relationships that underpin the organisation remain strong.

Personally, Peta has an insatiable interest in handbags, shoes and her family.