Project Relocation for Cotton On Kids

Mcorp were excited to be a part of the office relocation for the Cotton On Group last year. Mcorp were hired to facilitate the movement of Cotton On Kids which was a mammoth task. Even when it comes to a business move into a building specifically designed for the company, there are still difficulties and challenges which have to be overcome. However, thanks to great planning, a tight-knit team, and fantastic support from Cotton On Kids, we succeeded in undertaking a seamless transition into their new, state-of-the-art home.

For the purpose of this office relocation Mcorp was represented by Daniel Tragardh. JP (Relocation Management and Storage Consultant) Working with Cotton On’s own Senior Project Manager, lending Mcorp the inside viewpoint towards every aspect of the business move. Overall, Mcorp undertook the following tasks:

  • Relocation project management
  • Storage consultancy
  • Planning and delivering staff briefing sessions in preparation of relocation
  • Program planning with key business stakeholders
  • Management of virtual machine relocation
  • Management of samples and stock relocation
  • Management of full IT disconnection and re-connection scope and services
  • Management of relocation staff and relocation program
  • Post-move site management
  • Delivery of relocation project

This was a big task because of the large team behind Cotton On Kids as well as the wide variety of responsibilities for the business move which Mcorp undertook. But with teamwork, careful planning and the support of our client and their staff, we successfully completed yet another retail brand office relocation. We were also thoroughly impressed with the headquarters to which they moved as well!

Cotton On Kids is the part of the Cotton On brand specialising in, yes, kids. North Geelong is now the headquarters for the Kids design team after the office relocation was completed in September 2016. Cotton On believe that great ideas come from an atmosphere of creative energy which might be the reason behind the office being titled “The Playground.”
After all, what better way to get yourself into the mind-set of a kid than to act like one? Even the meeting rooms have creative names such as the Treehouse Room and the Seesaw Room. The new office also places emphasis on Cotton On’s belief in the importance of health and well-being.

This business move was intended to benefit the staff and a company as a whole, inspiring better products and more innovative ideas. Here at Mcorp, we wish everyone at Cotton On the best of luck for the future.