March 7, 2016

Victoria Police

City West Police Complex 

Moving Offices

This project consisted of the relocation of over 1,500 police, crime department & intel personnel from 3 Melbourne sites to the newly constructed 313 Spencer St Police Complex. Mcorp was engaged as the storage consultant and relocation project manager.

Relocation consultancy services completed consisted:

  • Project briefing
  • Development of project plan
  • Development of secure freight transfer process
  • Risk assessments
  • Scope and tender relocation project
  • Scope and tender IT project
  • Plan and prepare the relocation stages
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Post relocation support for each stage

Storage consultancy services completed included:

  • Survey and report
  • Stakeholder engagement and assessment
  • Assessment of current and future holdings
  • Allocation of file requirements to design team
  • Development of culling and archive process
  • Recommendation, improvement and implementation report