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Mcorp has extensive experience in factory relocations.

Our specialist team work with clients to coordinate and plan a range of options to guarantee a smooth transition during the time of their relocation.

Mcorp understands that clients have their clients and that deadlines and productions scheduled don’t suddenly stop when it’s time for the business to relocate.

At Mcorp, we organise and programme the decommissioning and recommissioning of specialist equipment and machinery ready for transportation, utilising specialist vehicles, packaging and specialist contractors when required. Prior to this we audit and document the condition of the equipment and confirm with the client what equipment is in satisfactory condition to be relocated or if it is more beneficial for the item to be replaced or disposed of.

Safety is our highest priority for all our relocation projects. Our experience and standardised approach minimises the risks involved in moving or installing equipment. Before we move any piece of equipment, and during every stage of every project, we undertake thorough OHSE checks, which include Risk assessment, Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), equipment inspection (tagging as required) and daily toolbox meetings. Mcorp identifies the potential hazards of the proposed work activities, assesses the risks involved and develops control measures to eliminate or minimise the risks.

Mcorp has experience in the relocation of:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing lines: Ensuring careful decommissioning, transport, and setup.
  • Automotive assembly equipment: Specialised in relocating with minimal downtime.
  • High-tech printing presses: Expertise in secure dismantling and reassembly.
  • Electronic and computer server systems: Focused on maintaining data integrity during moves.
  • Food processing lines: Adhering to hygiene standards during relocation.
  • Large compactus and pallet racking: Includes dismantling and reassembling, in conjunction with sequential packing, moving, and unpacking of freight or stock to ensure a seamless restart to production.

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We Add Value To Your Factory Relocation By

Quoting for your relocation needs

Understanding your factory business workflows

Dedicated factory relocation project manager

Existing equipment removal

Floor marking and positioning checks

Preparation of floor fixings

Coordination of suppliers/equipment specialists

Storing and moving equipment to the site

Identifying and managing risk

Comprehensive Factory Relocation Services

Our professional team, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, ensures your factory relocation is executed flawlessly. We understand the complexities of moving sophisticated machinery and equipment, offering a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Tailored Project Management

We provide end-to-end project management, meticulously planning every detail to guarantee a smooth transition. Our approach is designed to handle every aspect of your factory relocation, from initial assessments to the final setup, ensuring your operations can resume immediately in the new factory location.

Understanding lease obligations

Protection and Peace of Mind

Our fully insured services offer complete protection for your assets during the move. We take every precaution to ensure the safety and security of your equipment throughout the relocation process.

Streamlined Relocation Process

Our service is crafted to seamlessly understand and integrate your business workflows, ensuring minimal disruption. We strategise every phase to align with your operational needs, enabling a quick and efficient restart of your production lines.

Expert coordination execution

Make Good Services

As part of our comprehensive relocation services, we also offer Make Good services to restore your previous factory space to its original condition or as required by your lease agreement. This service ensures a full-circle solution, managing both the exit from your old factory and the setup of your new one, adhering to all contractual obligations.

Transparency communication

How do you ensure the safety of equipment during factory removal?

Safety is paramount in our factory removal process, employing rigorous protocols and custom packaging to protect all machinery during transit.

Can you manage complex factory relocations with minimal downtime?

Our expertise in factory relocations ensures a streamlined move, leveraging detailed planning and coordination to resume operations swiftly.

What makes your factory relocation services stand out?

Our dedicated team, comprehensive planning, and end-to-end project management set our factory relocation services apart, ensuring a smooth transition.

Do you offer support for setting up in the new location after factory removal?

Post-removal, we provide extensive support to set up your operations in the new factory, from equipment installation to workflow optimisation.