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Mcorp is committed to understanding the way work is conducted now and the way it will be conducted in the future. Given this fact we are always looking to innovate and look at best practices in all aspects of working life including the workplace, the work force and the nature of work itself.

There is no denying that Covid-19 has permanently changed the way we work. Long deemed a perk, the ability to work from home will now be considered an essential feature of the modern workplace. Working remotely has quickly become the new norm.

Employers are now assessing how best to reopen their workplaces and transition to business as usual. Employees now more than ever will need clear guidelines and instructions from their employers.

We add value by:

  • Offering distancing setup advice
  • Delivering sanitised relocations
  • Providing innovative move services

Physical Distancing within the Office - New Office Floor Setup/Floor planning

Mcorp can assist with planning a safe and healthy office environment with desk management for social distancing. Through our installation services, we can reconfigure the existing office layout of workstations & furniture with the required 4.0sqm distancing space. We can also source through one of our trusted suppliers and install, partitioning, privacy panels and sneeze screens.

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Moving During Covid-19

Mcorp are taking a number of steps to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus during a relocation. Disinfecting crates and other moving materials is not usually a part of a typical move. However, as the virus has been proven to live on surfaces for a significant amount of time, it is imperative to wipe down all surfaces that have been touched by others and then to wash hands immediately. In response to this, we are sanitising trucks and equipment more regularly and ensuring that staff are washing their hands thoroughly during and between jobs and implementing the use of gloves and face masks. We have implemented social distancing protocols, conduct pre-move wellness checks, provide contactless deliveries, and now also offer virtual site surveys.

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