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Mcorp is the Melbourne leader in warehouse relocations, offering extensive expertise in managing the complexities of moving large-scale storage facilities. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with clients to meticulously plan and execute all aspects of their relocation, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

At Mcorp, we understand that our clients' operations and logistical needs continue even during a relocation. That's why our approach is designed to keep your warehouse fully functional throughout the transition. We accommodate ongoing workflows and tight timelines, providing you with the reassurance that your business will not be significantly affected.

Our services include the careful decommissioning and recommissioning of warehouse-specific machinery and equipment. We leverage our network of specialist vehicles and contractors for safe and efficient transport. An initial audit allows us to assess the condition of all equipment, helping clients decide whether to relocate, replace, or dispose of items based on their current status and cost-effectiveness.

At Mcorp, safety is our top priority in all relocations. We implement a rigorous safety protocol that significantly reduces the risks associated with warehouse moves. This includes comprehensive Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental (OHSE) checks, risk assessments, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), regular equipment inspections, and daily safety briefings. Our proactive approach identifies potential hazards and establishes controls to mitigate risks, ensuring a safe and compliant relocation process that you can trust.

Mcorp specialises in the relocation of crucial warehouse components such as large compactus units and pallet racking systems. Our service covers dismantling and reassembling these structures, coordinated with a systematic packing, moving, and unpacking process. This method guarantees that your warehouse operations can resume quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

We Add Value To Your Factory Relocation By

Quoting for your relocation needs

Tailored estimates to cover all aspects of your warehouse move, ensuring transparency and budget alignment.

Understanding Your Warehouse Operational Workflows

Deep dive into your current operations to ensure the relocation strategy complements and enhances your logistical processes.

Dedicated Warehouse Relocation Project Manager

A single point of contact to oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring consistency and accountability.

Existing Equipment Removal

Safe and efficient removal of old or redundant equipment, with options for disposal or recycling.

Floor Marking and Positioning Checks

Precise layout planning to optimise space and improve operational flow in the new location.

Preparation of Floor Fixings

Ensuring all floor fixings are ready to support equipment installation and heavy loads.

Coordination of Suppliers/Equipment Specialists

Working with a network of professionals to manage all aspects of equipment handling and installation.

Storing and Moving Equipment to the Site

Secure storage solutions and logistics to transport equipment safely to its new destination.

Identifying and Managing Risk

Proactive risk assessment and management to minimise potential disruptions and ensure safety throughout the relocation process.

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Complete Warehouse Relocation Solutions

Expert Relocation Team

Our dedicated team, rich in knowledge and hands-on experience, guarantees a flawless execution of your warehouse relocation. We are well-versed in the intricacies of relocating extensive inventory and complex storage solutions, crafting a service uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

Customised Project Oversight

We deliver comprehensive project management, focusing on the finest details to ensure a seamless transition. Our systematic approach covers all facets of your warehouse move, from the preliminary planning stages to the operational setup at your new site, enabling immediate resumption of business activities.

Assured Safety and Security

Our fully insured relocation services provide robust protection for your assets throughout the move. We employ stringent safety measures to safeguard your equipment and goods against any risks during the transition.

Efficient Relocation Strategy

Designed to integrate smoothly with your existing workflows, our relocation process minimises disruption to your operations. Each phase is strategically planned to align with your business requirements, facilitating a swift and effective re-establishment of warehouse operations.

Comprehensive Exit and Setup Services

Our relocation package includes Make Good services to ensure your former warehouse space is returned to its initial state or meets lease conditions. This holistic approach manages both the departure from your previous location and the establishment of your new facility, fulfilling all lease-related obligations.

Understanding lease obligations

How do you ensure the safety of equipment during warehouse relocations?

Safety is our top priority during warehouse relocations, where we implement stringent protocols and utilise custom packaging solutions to safeguard all items during transit. Our team is trained to handle your equipment with the utmost care, ensuring it arrives at its new location in perfect condition.

Can you manage complex warehouse relocations with minimal downtime?

Our proficiency in warehouse relocations enables us to execute streamlined moves with minimal downtime. We achieve this through meticulous planning and coordination, allowing for a rapid and efficient resumption of operations at your new location.

What distinguishes your warehouse relocation services?

What sets our warehouse relocation services apart is our dedicated team, thorough planning, and comprehensive project management. These elements combine to ensure a seamless transition, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency throughout the relocation process.

Do you provide support for setting up in the new location after warehouse relocation?

Following the relocation, we offer extensive support to help establish your operations in the new warehouse. Our services include installing equipment, arranging storage solutions, and optimising workflows to ensure your warehouse is fully functional and efficient from day one.