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Mcorp is experienced in moving laboratories and medical facilities and recognises that there can be irreplaceable specimens, data and information that require extra special care when being relocated.

At Mcorp, we ensure through detailed project planning and preparation that the laboratory or medical facility will be transported safely to the new premises.

With a proven track record of successful relocations, Mcorp have been able to develop a comprehensive methodology to use during each relocation. Whether it’s a small or large scale laboratory or medical move, Mcorp removes the stress out of the relocation. From packing glassware, beakers, test tubes and more to disconnecting, decommissioning and recommissioning of sensitive equipment, Mcorp works with the client to ensure all aspects of the relocation are considered and delivered.

We add value by:

  • Providing detailed project plans
  • Removing stress from the relocation
  • Ensuring secure and safe transport of equipment

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