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What is an office makegood?

An office makegood refers to a tenant's obligation to restore their leased office space to its original state, as specified in the lease agreement, after their tenancy ends. This process is crucial for fulfilling contractual responsibilities and ensuring the space is returned in the agreed-upon condition.

Mcorp meticulously assesses your office makegood and decommissioning needs, ensuring the leased space meets all conditions of your agreement through a wide range of services, including electrical work, painting, patching, carpet laying, and cleaning. This comprehensive approach guarantees the space is efficiently returned to its agreed original state.

We add value by:

  • Detailed examination of makegood clauses in lease agreements to ensure cost efficiency.
  • Prevention of unnecessary work through a deep understanding of lease complexities.
  • Strategic compliance with lease obligations to optimise client savings.
  • Expert interpretation of the fine print to safeguard your budget.
  • Coordinate required services/vendors with meticulous project management for seamless delivery and additional savings.

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Comprehensive Make Good Services

Understanding Your Lease Obligations

We embark on this journey with a detailed analysis of your lease, ensuring a clear understanding of all make-good requirements.

Initial Assessment and Planning

Our procedure commences with a thorough assessment to precisely determine the necessary work required, establishing a foundation for an efficient and customised approach. This meticulous preparation allows us to focus our efforts effectively, ensuring that every action taken is aligned with your specific lease obligations and ultimately contributes to maximising cost savings.

Understanding lease obligations

Expert Coordination and Execution

We deploy a network of highly skilled contractors, carefully chosen for their ability to carry out both minor and major refurbishments, ensuring your make-good obligations are met in full. This approach guarantees that all necessary work, from small repairs to extensive renovations, aligns perfectly with your lease requirements, providing a comprehensive and effective solution.

Expert coordination execution

Commitment to Transparency and Communication

Our make-good service prioritises clear communication, ensuring you're continuously updated and fully aware of the progress, maintaining a high level of transparency throughout the process.

Regular Progress Updates

At every stage of the project, we deliver comprehensive reports, keeping you entirely in the loop and in command of the make-good obligations. This allows for an informed and engaged oversight.

Throughout the process, we maintain direct communication with the landlord or their representative, ensuring that each task is completed in accordance with the makegood requirements. This continuous engagement facilitates prompt approval from the landlord or their agent, ensuring that all make-good efforts are acknowledged and signed off, paving the way for a smooth transition.

Transparency communication

Final Inspection and Compliance Assurance

A meticulous final inspection is conducted to verify that your premises fully comply with the lease terms, facilitating a seamless handover.

Ensuring Full Compliance with Lease Terms

Our final step includes a detailed review to confirm total adherence to the lease agreement, protect your interests, and ensure a smooth transition without complications.

Inspection compliance assurance

What does make-good mean in a lease?

In commercial leases, "make-good" refers to the tenant's obligation to restore the leased premises to their original condition before the lease expires. This process often involves repairs, reinstating modifications, and cleaning, as detailed in the commercial lease agreement, to ensure the property is suitable for future leasing or return to the landlord.

How much does a make-good service cost?

The cost of make-goods for commercial properties, while variable, doesn't have a one-size-fits-all rate like office fit-outs. It's influenced by the same square meterage concept but adjusted based on specific requirements such as carpet replacement, electrical adjustments, and the extent of fitout removal and services reinstatement.

The precise cost per square metre for make-good services would depend on the scope and complexity of the work required, similar to how fit-out costs are determined but tailored to the make-good context.