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Whether moving a couple of staff internally or a few hundred in a major office churn or relocation, Mcorp’s dedicated IT team are able to make the task achievable and with minimal downtime.

We work with the client’s IT department to customise and integrate a relocation plan into the overall move schedule. The Mcorp Project Manager will coordinate with key IT department personnel and build-out objectives to ensure that the move (or moves) occur on time and that items scheduled to move are properly transitioned to the correct locations. This ensures a seamless process for getting staff back to work on time.

We add value by:

  • Delivering a custom project plan
  • Coordinate IT relocation
  • Ensure quick and seamless return to work

Our Process

Once each user’s IT has been audited and disconnected, it is protected for transport. The monitor is covered by a padded screen protector to avoid any damage and the peripherals are placed into a zip lock bag with a copy of the corresponding audit sheet. The move crew follow behind the IT team and pack the IT into specialist trollies to be loaded onto the truck. At the delivery end, the IT is placed onto the correct workstation by the move crew and the reconnection phase begins.

IT Our Process

Detailed Workflow for Your Team

All equipment is unpacked by the IT team, checked off the audit sheet and reconnected including cable management to ensure a neat desk area. Full power up to login status is also conducted as required. Services include:

  • Roll out of new technology
  • Audit, disconnection and reconnection
  • Installation of monitor arms onto desks
  • Installation of monitors onto arms
  • Cable management
IT Relo Mgmt Detailed workflow

Seamless Return to Work

Designed to streamline in with removal operations and incorporating a packing audit of equipment, IT is handled in a safe and experienced manner and ensures equipment connection times perfectly with the relocation of these assets.

IT Relo PM Seamless return to work

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