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In 2018, Mcorp proudly supported a government department with their office relocation and fitout works project. This was a three-step process.

Initially Mcorp conducted a storage space review. This step assisted the department in understanding their storage story – what storage they currently had and what their storage would look like. Mcorp advised on the future storage requirement and solutions in terms of future consolidation, archiving, and an identification system. A storage space review was particularly important here, as the department had a number of sensitive and confidential materials that needed to be moved. Mcorp conducted this aspect of the move seamlessly, ensuring that all the documents were moved efficiently and securely.

Secondly, Mcorp helped the government department to prepare and implement a relocation strategy. This step is where Mcorp helped to plan, prepare and implement the move itself. Mcorp considered what the department needed to do in order to move successfully and as smoothly as possible. We considered the pre-relocation planning requirements, timing, risk management, security considerations, packing and preparation specifications, and the generation of material to provide to staff. This helped to ensure that the new office space was utilised as effectively as it could be. Mcorp managed this step in such a way to ensure cost control, business continuity, design and layout execution, and risk management.

Finally, Mcorp provided post-relocation support. Even at the end of the project, Mcorp was there to assist and provide support for any potential problems that arose on day one. This helps to determine the success of the project and to ensure that the move is everything that the company wanted it to be.

Key Information:


Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources



Service Type

Commercial Relocation

Services rendered

  • Moved 1000 staff and their files and office equipment
  • Helped relocate sensitive and confidential materials
  • Created a storage story so that the department could see what storage requirements they currently had and what storage would be available at the new location
  • Considered and managed current and future storage requirements
  • Helped design and implement storage and office layout
  • Engaged and managed the contractors required for the move
  • Oversaw the move itself
  • Provided post-relocation support

Mcorp worked with the government department to make their move as least disruptive as possible. Mcorp coordinated the project as a whole, making the move as easy as moving can be.

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