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Mcorp is skilled in moving complex and specialist technical equipment. In 2019, Mcorp helped a large government department with a significant move. This relocation involved combining multiple offices and facilities from several locations around Australia into a single facility in Melbourne.

The project included moving large and unique specialised equipment from a facility in Queensland. A team from Mcorp in Melbourne flew to Queensland to co-ordinate the move. This aspect of the move was complex because it involved moving specialist technical equipment. Mcorp used their experienced team to strategise, conduct risk management and to closely oversee the process from beginning to end to ensure it ran as smoothly and safely as possible.

This project involved moving over 800 staff, along with all their office furniture and equipment, files and specialist technology from a range of locations to the new facility. This move was conducted seamlessly, and the government department was able to continue to function with minimal interruption throughout the process.

Key Information:


Bureau of Meteorology



Service Type

Commercial Relocation

Services rendered

  • Plan the relocation and strategy
  • Assess all the removal requirements and to move as seamlessly as possible with a full understanding of the amount of time and resources required
  • Move in a way that allowed for business continuity with as little disruption as possible
  • Safely and carefully disassemble, move and reassemble specialist technical equipment
  • Conduct a storage audit to ensure that the department had enough storage for everything they moved to the new space

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