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After the fire at 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne in 2018, Mcorp was engaged to project manage the relocation of 600+ DELWP staff to temporary accommodation and then manage the return relocation to newly refurbished accommodation.

Throughout the project, work was carried out during major refurbishments which required interim relocations to be carried out with temporary workspace reconfigurations. Mcorp also ensured that all items left behind and undamaged by the fire were boxed, labelled and held in a secure storage area for DELWP staff to reclaim.

Key Information:


Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


2018 - 2019

Relocation Type


No. of Staff




Services Rendered

  • Relocation project management with a dedicated single point of contact for the duration of the project - Gordon Wilson
  • Health and Safety and Risk Assessment Audit
  • Development of the relocation program and sequence
  • Development of floor plan numbering system at both uplift and delivery
  • Provision of secure storage crates, color coded labels and security tags
  • Provision of packing materials and building protection
  • Conduct pre-move coordination meetings
  • Regular communications and meetings with stakeholders for updates on the progress, flexibility to facilitate last minute changes and addressing/advising of issues identified
  • Provision of inhouse Mcorp IT services involving decommission, pack and wrap of various high worth equipment from each desk at 8 Nicholson St and at temporary accommodation
  • Reconnection of IT at temporary accommodation and back at 8 Nicholson St upon completion of refurbishments including removal of monitor stands and installation and attachment of monitor arms.
  • Packing of staff content
  • Relocation of surplus furniture to storage
  • Removal and careful disposal of unwanted items
  • On site controls of relocation delivery program
  • Follow all protocols as set out by DELWP including DELWP site attendance requirements
  • Post move site management

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