March 7, 2016

Department of Environment and Primary Industries

AGRIBIO Research Facility

Agribio - Building 2

Relocate Biosciences research division from multiple sites within metro Melbourne to the new research facility in Bundoora.

Mcorp was engaged as the relocation manager for the project and was required to complete the following works:

  • Relocation project management
  • Storage audit and consultancy services
  • Develop and confirm full numbering and technical labelling system for the relocation
  • Scoping all offices and laboratories
  • Development of relocation scope for general relocation works
  • Development of scope for specialist equipment and sample relocations
  • Development of tender for total relocation services.
  • Risk identification and control
  • Compliance with AQIS/PC2/PC3 laboratory requirements for quarantine items
  • Stakeholder management
  • Management of full IT disconnection, relocation and reconnection services
  • Post move management